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Friday at Rolex

Today was my first day at Rolex (yes, ever), and it was an absolute blast. While I didn’t get to see much of the dressage, I did catch the leading ride on YouTube, and talk about impressive! Sometimes things just come together and it was nice to see Allison do so well. She and Arthur turned in a brilliant ride, with even a 9 thrown in there! If you haven’t seen it, you can watch it here (and I highly recommend it) Allison Springer and Arthur at Rolex 2014 #RK3DE.

There were also some great moments after dressage ended, walking the XC course and getting to see riders like FITS and La Mundial sponsored rider Selena O’Hanlon both in the trade fair as well as on the course walk. Walking around sponsor row, it was nice to see Dapplebay’s tees hanging at the Bit Of Britain booth. We got to chat with Sheryl, owner of FITS, and also stopped by to spend some time with Bryan and Brice of Voltaire.

Somehow after all that, I also managed to meet up with some friends, walk a lot of the XC course (more to come tomorrow), and get a real feel for how hard some of those options are. The water complex, for one, rides with some really challenging lines this year that will be interesting to see. I get to spend the day with Nancy of Horse Quencher, which is great since I’m a huge fan of her products, and she’s a ton of fun to hang out with. We’re hoping to step away from the trade fair for a few (Horse Quencher is just outside the trade fair in the Thornhill tent) so that we can see the cross country since Sunday we’ll have our hands full. HQ rider Hawley Bennett is going to come to the Horse Quencher booth after the jog on Sunday morning so be sure to meet us there if you want a chance to meet her! (I am a huge fan of her mare, Gin and Juice.)

Everyone knows that XC is the big day, and I am definitely looking forward to it! So on that note, it would appear it’s time for bed…see you tomorrow!


Dapplebay tees at the Bit of Britain booth.


Selena O’Hanlon discusses the course with some canine supervision.


The water complex looms large on the XC course

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