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Let's Fall In Love

While our earliest success was due to speaking an insider language – pilots marketing to pilots, riders marketing to riders – and we continue to enjoy these and other niche industries, we have also developed a deep and abiding affection for what we call “love brands” from any industry. (with credit to Kevin Roberts’ book Lovemarks)



What makes our designation of a (potential)  love brand? Successful ad folk like us have powers – we can use them for good or for evil, and we choose “good”. So if you make a dog food chock full of fillers instead of real meat and vegetables, we are not your agency. If your “planned obsolescence” means the stroller you’ve sold to a low-income family for $25 breaks in two weeks, we are not your agency. If your pride in your product or service comes solely from how much money it makes, and not what it provides to the world, we are not your agency.

Our own love brands are usually, but not always, premium-priced brands that offer a solid value. (Meaning, the premium price is supported by more than marketing.) Sometimes they are lower-priced brands that, again, offer a solid value for the market they serve. Southwest Airlines is a prime example of a love brand to many, not just the folks who work there, and it’s a lower-priced brand.


To be clear, there are three steps to becoming a true love brand. First, you have an ethos that runs from the founder’s heart straight through the product or service, and everyone on the internal team feels it. Next, your closer circle – the external team members like Horsefly, and early-adopter customers, become passionate acolytes for your brand. Third, that love spreads to the broad market. We can step in and help you cultivate and growth this at any stage – from established love brands to the world, to those who just haven’t quite found their voice. We’d love to help the world see your brand through your eyes!

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Reach out to us via email or call 973-626-3673. We can usually figure out on a first call whether it’s provisionally a good fit. (If we don’t feel like we’d be successful for you, we will decline the business – we are in love with long-term success, not short-term income.)

If the first talk goes well, you’ll have a phone conference or meeting with both the creative and digital directors, and we’ll drill down to the challenge and resolution, so we may provide a detailed proposal outlining which services we’re planning to provide and for what one-time (project) and ongoing monthly fees.

Our contracts offer an easy out clause, should your circumstances change suddenly.

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