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You have a kick-ass CV and love self-employment. But, you’re lonely.
Serious chops in your specialty. This means you have a degree and/or verifiable experience in one or more aspects of marketing, and you have the case studies and/or portfolio to match or beat ours. (If you are just out of college, we don’t recommend a full time self-employment job for a few more years. It’s better to be in a bricks and mortar environment at a high quality agency where you can learn the business.)
A passion for client success, over your own. We truly believe that our success comes only through our clients’ successes, therefore we make all our decisions with them first in mind.
A true excitement about marketing, an insatiable curiosity, and a willingness to cross-train from digital to creative, and creative to digital. We don’t expect you to be a designer if you’re an SEO specialist, or vice-versa, but having a base understanding of all the facets of marketing means you’ll be better prepared to advance as a strategist.
A commitment to strategy-first, and delivering not just reports, but insights to clients, so they can see the way forward more clearly, and become a hero to their own bosses.
While we work for broad-market clients happily and successfully, we have some niche industries that we are leading or established in, and a few that we’d like to expand into. We are particularly looking for marketing people who are pilots, so definitely get in touch if you fit that mold as we work to expand in that industry. Also SCUBA divers, boaters, outdoor enthusiasts, foodies/health/nutrition aficionados.. Anything that is action/adventure, athlete, lifestyle and body health fits the personalities on our team well. Plus pets. We have pet industry experience and are looking to grow that as well.

We typically never advertise a need, we tap our connections to loop new Horseflyers in as our clients grow. This is because we are a tight team with a lot of trust, and we prefer to know firsthand (or close secondhand) the quality of the prospective Horseflyer’s work, and their teamwork, prior to putting them on an account. (It all comes down to protecting our clients’ well being.) That being said, folks we don’t know are welcome too, we’ll just start you off with a small test project to see how it goes before expanding your workload.

  • Social media manager in Citrus County FL area.
  • Account director who can bring clients in aviation. It’s a field we have deep experience in, but lacking in bandwidth to sell in that area.

Now nearing two decades into the Horsefly virtual model, we have evolved to be run as a co-op, with a modest percentage* of client billings going to overhead such as software and stock photo subscriptions, our own marketing and new business investment, and the rest paid to individual members of the co-op. Each individual’s monthly pay is in line with the hours they work for each account they’re on and the rate per hour they are due commensurate with their experience level and the tasks performed.

For Horseflyers, they get to be entrepreneurs and self-starters, but unlike being a solo freelancer, they also get to be part of a large team chock full of big specialities, all working together for clients’ greater success. For ethical marketers who thrive on client success, this is a big win! (It also gives us our own “water cooler” support structure.)

For clients, this means we cost a bit more than paying for individual freelancers, yet they get a ready-made team structure marching to a strategic plan, with fees that are roughly 25% less than what we’d be as a bricks-and-mortar agency. So it’s a great deal for clients, and you, as a Horseflyer, make the same as you would normally in freelance.

If you’re on the digital side, make your pitch to [email protected]. If you are a crayon-slinger or writer, make it to [email protected].

*While we won’t post it publicly, the exact percentages are revealed to Horseflyers, and to clients if they want to know. Horsefly believes in transparency, as when folks know how the agency and its people make money, it promotes greater trust and respect.

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