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Our leadership is at the heart of all things Horsefly. It’s what helps us keep team continuity as well as below-market rates, all in line with the Horsefly way of life. Founded by Holly Davis, she was joined by CJ Millar in 2013 who help evolve Horsefly Creative into Horsefly Group. However, they were always without a true sales lead, working together to get business based on referrals and word-of-mouth. Over time as demand grew, it became apparent that they needed someone to help not just fill the funnel, but also work as a client liaison so that all parts of Horsefly are able to work seamlessly with our clients as an extension of their current business (rather than just another external entity). Add Tara Jordan, client concierge extraordinaire, and voila! Creative, strategy, and services all come together so we can tell your story to the world.

Holly Davis

Holly Davis_Horsefly_marketing_business aviation

Founder & Creative Director

Horsefly’s founder serves as creative director, with wheelhouse (and award-winning) skills in copywriting and marketing strategy developed over 29 years, for global and small brands alike. A Citrus County, FL resident, she also works within her community to support both the local people and economy (she’s amazing at all she does – you really have no idea!). Outside of work she’s a pilot, scuba diver, multi-discipline equestrian, and voracious reader. Read more…

CJ Millar


Strategic Storyteller & Digital Director

Horsefly’s strategic storyteller and digital director has extraordinary skill in all facets of SEM, PPC, SEO, Ux, content creation, social strategy, event marketing, and promotional and merchandising strategy, all spanning more than two decades of experience. She’s also spoken at events and conferences and loves mentoring the younger generations through education and the community. But above all, she loves to weave it all into an incredible story that brings people and brands together. She’s also a baseball junky, fine whiskey aficionado, and multi-discipline equestrian, with some pretty amazing stories of her own. Read more…

Tara Jordan

tara Jordan horsefly group lacrosse expert

Client Concierge

Tara has more than two decades of experience in client concierge and account executive services across a wide variety of industries, with a strong focus in luxury goods, fashion and finance. A master networker, with an eye for connecting people and companies with exactly the right-sized services they need and the means to get it done, she was a natural fit for Horsefly Group. In addition, she loves lacrosse, running, hiking, and down time by the pool. Read more…


We are Horsefly Group because of our team of Horseflyers. With our unique structure and flexible work environment (yes, we literally work from anywhere!) and a company culture based on loving where you live, how you live, and what you do, our team is pretty incredible.

Want to join us? We are always open to meeting new talent and coming together to share ideas. Contact us!

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