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Laura’s specialties are digital strategies, Google Tag, Google Analytics, Site Catalyst, Web Trends, Core Metrics, SEO/PPC and Word Press. She’s worked in the fields of hotels/resorts, education, and consumer services, for such brands as Trump Hotels, Crystal Springs Resort, K12, Kumon, Kaplan University and The Maids.
Laura started out her internet with a career working with a luxury home builder as a marketing assistant, responsible for creative design of brochures, billboards, newspaper ads, etc.  One day the president told Laura “we need to be on the internet, you need to figure out how to do that for us”.  From there she started to learn how to do PPC and create a website, which quickly moved to running all of the digital marketing efforts for the luxury home builder as well as a well known resort community that now has 2 hotels, 8 golf courses, 2 spas, and a sports club.  Increasing revenue by over 400%, Laura then moved on to digital marketing agencies focusing on PPC.  Laura also learned SEO as the needs of her clients grew.  Laura quickly learned that Analytics was highly needed and in little demand, so in 2005, Laura began focusing solely on Analytics becoming certified in both Google Analytics and Site Catalyst, two of the most popular analytics programs. Laura’s clients range from resort properties, luxury hotels, online colleges, home school organizations, insurance, cleaning services, storage facilities, and a large provider of lawn and garden products.
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