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Who’s Doing Your Social Marketing?

Social marketing is a fundamental part of any digital marketing strategy these days, as it’s the number one way for a brand to get in touch with new customers and engage existing ones. It’s a great means to create brand preference, discuss pertinent news and topics that relate to the brand without needing to directly promote your brand, and of course a great way to reach out to customers with brand news, updates, and promotions. But who is actually doing your social marketing and how much do they really know about the digital (and overall emotional) landscape of the world today?

It’s tough to stay on top of news and trends, pop culture, and industry specific terms and sometimes even the best brands goof up. Just check out this article by Forbes on the 7 Worst (and Most Amusing) Mistakes Brands Have Ever Made on Social Media for a list of some pretty big brands making some pretty big goofs!

That’s why while it is important to make sure you are posting great stuff on social, it’s equally important that you have a great team handling your social marketing. There is so much more these days to social than just posting your own brand’s news and updates and promotions. Sure, it’s relevant, but it gets pretty dull. It’s important to understand how you can engage customers with new and exciting content that will also reach a broader audience. Remember that social is both at the top of the marketing funnel for reaching new customers and creating a brand preference, as well as at the bottom of the funnel for keeping existing customers engaged. Content on social has to be varied in order to accomplish both goals. A common misconception is that an intern or entry level person can affordably handle social but to truly be successful, a team of experts is key.

So just who is doing your social marketing and how much do they know about your brand, strategy, and how to reach all the important places in the funnel for maximum impact? Don’t end up like one of the brands featured in Forbes; make sure you are working with a team that specializes in social marketing!

What's Next for Social Media Marketing?

What’s Next for Social Media Marketing?


Read more about what’s next for social marketing from Mobile Marketing Watch, and contact us with how Horsefly Group can help you with impactful, engaging social today!





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