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Horsefly Updates, Events, and Exciting News

I know, that’s not the catchiest title I’ve ever come up with, but let’s be honest. Holly’s the creative one, my job is digital. 😉 That, and with everything going on, my head is spinning. With excitement, that is!

So what’s new at Horsefly, you ask? Lots! First, we’ve been named the Marketing Sponsor for RUS New York, which is the organization helping to kick off a 2014 fair series in New York State for racing Standardbreds under saddle. Yup, you read that right. Standardbreds, racing under saddle. At a race trot. I personally am a licensed RUS rider and I got to ride in a race last fall, and it was a lot of fun, so I am excited that Horsefly was able to sponsor such a great organization. Also, I’m on the RUS NY committee, so yeah, that may have had something to do with it. In all honestly though, who knows both RUS and marketing better than we do? We all know I can spread the word (I talk a lot), I know the digital landscape inside and out (it is my “day job” after all), and I love horses (clearly, as I have 7…). Add in Holly’s creative brilliance, logo design (look for it coming soon!) from our creative designer Lauren, and it’s a winning combination that will help not just RUS NY, but their sponsors as well.

Speaking of sponsors, both Horse Quencher and Draper Therapies signed on as series sponsors for the RUS NY 2014 Fair Series, and are leading the way in this great new sport. In conjunction with New York Sire Stakes who approved the series and put up the initial purse money, we’re off to a great start. Check out the RUS New York blog for news and updates, and to find out more about this great sport.

On top of that, there’s Rolex. Yup, Rolex. You know, THE biggest event in the United States, and one I’ve never been to before. Horsefly is going, which means I will be there (as will Holly), along with several of our clients. Be sure to look for Horse Quencher at the Thornill booth for a chance to meet rider Hawley Bennett on Sunday, find FITS at the VTO Saddlery booth for a chance to win a coursewalk with a FITS rider, the Giddyup Gear crew will be there (makers of the great GoVelope), and many more great brands and products.

Beyond just the shopping, it’s also a change to see an amazing event up close and personal, walk the course, and stand by to see the best of the best go head to head for the 2014 title! To say I am excited is an understatement, and I haven’t even packed yet. We leave on Thursday morning, and I’ll do my best to blog the latest and greatest news from the road and Rolex, so check back for more updates coming soon, and of course follow hashtag #RK3DE for all the Rolex news across the web.

Enjoy! And even if you can’t be at Rolex, you can get in the #RK3DE spirit with this great contest from FITS.




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