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Victoria Rosenthal, Senior Account Manager, comes to Horsefly Group with digital chops from the big agency world in NYC. With a specialty in SEM, Victoria had the opportunity to work on impressive brands like SmartPak, Red Robin, Bissell, and Church & Dwight. Beyond her love for Google AdWords, Victoria also offers her digital clients expertise in organic and paid social media management, content creation, blogging, and SEO. Beyond the digital stratosphere, Victoria graduated from Centenary College in 2012 with a BS in Equine Studies and a concentration in Business Management. CJ, Horsefly’s digital director, introduced Victoria to the industry while she was still in college. This enabled her to hit the ground running and fall in love with an industry that was able to support her passions outside of work. When Victoria isn’t at her desk, she enjoys spending time with her animal family – currently two horses and two reticulated pythons – and forever learning more about animals, exotics, and animal training theory. Email Victoria

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