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Marybeth is one of those rare sales people that doesn’t try to sell to anyone and everyone – she legitimately looks for “good fits” that benefit both buyer and seller. This makes her perfect for Horsefly, as we are careful that we approach companies we honestly believe could really benefit financially from our expertise. In addition, Marybeth believes a great customer experience is the key to a company’s success, and is always happy to support clients with improvements in this area. Her background that led her to us is as varied as it is valuable. With a newly minted teaching degree in hand, Marybeth marched herself to Florida to pursue a professional golf career. This only worked out on a limited basis, but it led to the golf industry, working for the legendary Arnold Palmer as merchandise manager for golf pro shops worldwide. This morphed into buying, merchandising, sales & sales management in various outdoor sports including snow ski, scuba, and cycling along with the pet & equine industries. Marybeth and her husband own a plane, and enjoy flying around Florida. She is passionate about staying healthy and well, her typical week includes several of her interests, including riding horses, cycling, hiking, yoga and Pilates. Email Marybeth

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