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Since Laurie’s grandmother gave her a set of Japanese watercolors as a kid, she’s been armed and dangerous in creative pursuits. Her original childhood goal was wildlife painter, and in the early 90s partly fulfilled that by making a living as an animal portraitist. After graduating from Parson’s, she has mostly been in commercial art – developing the art side of brands, advertising, and overall marketing, and worked as a core Horseflyer for at least six years in that capacity. A few years ago, she became more and more immersed in 3-D illustration from a technical as well as artistic side, and so does less branding and traditional ad work – but she is the bomb diggity when we need big chops in 3D illustration. (And she still does great branding work too in a co-creative director capacity). Laurie lives with her partner Bill on a small ranch in Northern Colorado, with some cool cats and a couple of gorgeous (and uniquely colored) cavalry-bred Morgans. One of the more unique things she and Bill does with them is Australian bullwhip cracking exhibitions. Laurie loves international travel, especially of the scuba diving and safari type, and remains fascinated by big cats and birds of prey. Email Laurie

Laurie_Prindle_Horsefly_Scuba_Great Barrier Reef
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