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Eric is a longtime agency owner who is always available to partner up with us Horseflyers when we need him to bring his massive talent to the table. He has a graphic design BFA and an entrepreneurship and marketing MBA, both from the University of Arizona. Eric’s love for teaching and commercial art (that is, the intersection of design and business) has led him to lecture at universities and colleges around the USA. Eric has been honored with hundreds of awards in design competitions throughout the world including the USA, England, Canada, Russia, Poland, Bolivia, Mexico, and the Czech Republic,. Eric serves as a board member for agencies and companies, and has judged design competitions internationally and domestically. Eric resides in Boulder, Colorado, with an awesome artist wife, two children and quite possibly the world’s smallest dogs. He has managed to hang onto his man card with those small dogs by running long distances and being addicted to basketball. A true artist beyond his day job, he paints with watercolors, and is proud that he can both draw with a pencil and use a spreadsheet. Email Eric

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