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Autumn St. Martin got her start in marketing early, helping with website and social platform development for her family’s businesses. She has significant experience in the equine, entertainment, hospitality, amusement park industries, and assists with the social marketing of local venues, bands, and production companies around Denver, Colorado. With experience developing engaging and SEO-rich blog and website content, Autumn brings passion, knowledge and progressive consumer interests to her work in social and content marketing. Now with Horsefly for over three years, she creates competitive social platform content and strategies for our clients, keeping them abreast of the latest in social platform news, updates and forward movement to help drive conversions and e-commerce goals. On the personal side, she’s a mom to two very smart little girls, and loves riding rollercoasters and driving horses. She’s is an avid (some might say rabid) crafter, has a soft spot for My Little Ponies, is involved in her local music scene, is sometimes crazy enough to run in 5 and 10ks, and speaking of crazy, recently joined a roller derby league. Email Autumn

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