Holly Davis
principal & creative director

Version 2

Horsefly’s founder serves as creative director, with wheelhouse skills in copywriting and business strategy developed over 25 years. Outside of work she’s an instrument/commercial/glider pilot, scuba diver, multi-discipline equestrian, and voracious reader.

CJ Millar
digital director

CJ Millar_digital director

Horsefly’s digital director has extraordinary skill in all facets of SEM such as PPC, SEO, CRO and content and social channel development, with 16 years’ experience. She’s also a baseball junky, fine whiskey aficionado, and multi-discipline equestrian.

Laura Kutny Carr
analytics director

Laura Carr_analytics director crop

Laura has 16 years’ experience in digital strategies, Google Tag, Google Analytics, Site Catalyst, Web Trends, Core Metrics, SEO/PPC and WordPress.

Maya Chendke
account manager

Maya Chendke_account manager

Maya has 10 years’ experience in account management and strategic planning, with expertise in content creation, copywriting, social media, and analytics.

Eric Boelts
creative director


Eric has 30 years’ experience and multiple awards in art direction, illustration, and creative direction. He takes no issue being the ‘token male’ at many presentations.

Kate Speights
senior account executive


Kate has 20 years’ experience, in both agencies and client-side. Core competencies include traditional and digital strategies; PR, SEO, and content.

Autumn St. Martin
liquid digital strategist


Autumn’s experience is widely varied, and includes working for an international equine reproduction company.

Suz Richards-Benson
PPC manager

Suz Richards-Benson_PPC manager

Formerly a Reuter’s journalist, Suz’s career spans both journalism and marketing, with expertise in PPC, copywriting, PR, investigative reports, and SEO.

Lauren Allen
art director


Lauren is our go-to person for all liquid digital art and pretty sweet infographics, and she’s also great at logos, ad campaigns, exhibits, and print design.

Nicole Molinaro
liquid digital strategist


Nicole handles day-to-day social media management for many of Horsefly’s clients, including social planning and posting, blog writing, and reporting.

Kelly Veronica
SEO & content manager

Kelly Veronica_content manager

Kelly handles content creation for Horsefly (such as writing keyword-rich blogs), but also has expertise in all aspects of social media and is Google Analytics-certified.

Nicole Bizzarro
senior art director

Nicole Bizzarro_art director
Nicole is a senior art and creative director who’s superbly talented, highly detailed-oriented, and is legendary for producing complex jobs correctly.

Laurie Prindle
art director

Laurie Prindle_art director

Laurie is a Parsons School of Design graduate with several decades’ experience in art direction and illustration, specializing in technology and equestrian clients.

Guy McLendon

Guy McLendon_copywriter Crop
Guy has knockout global brand experience in branding, concepting, copywriting, digital advertising and social media, with some suitably large awards to prove it.